Within our school, we have a number of ‘crews’ and ‘committees’ made up of pupils from across all of our different year groups. Each with their own dedicated area of focus, our student groups are instrumental in driving forward our pupils’ own visions for change within the school and helping us to engage with the wider community.

Social Action Squad

Meet our Social Action Squad Captains!

Our Captains have been chosen, congratulations to Gabby, Luca, Melody and Sophie in Year 1. Zac, Phoebe, Enola and Teddy in Year 2, Gracie, Scarlett, Fleur and Matthew in Year 3/4 and Ava, Kate, Rosie and Laila in Year 5/6.

Social action means; doing something practical with other people to make a positive change and taking action to change something that is affecting your community. Our Captains will work alongside their teachers and classmates on various campaigns to make a real difference within our school and within the wider community.

They will develop ideas, support actions and judge the long term impact of these changes. Their first campaign to tackle is WE feel better. Here we will look at the use of positive affirmations to develop and strengthen mental health and individual self-esteem. After that, it’s up to them. They will discuss with their class, issues that are important to them and think of ways to make a positive change.

Eco Committee

(Written by the Eco Committee)

We meet at least twice every half term with Mrs Ritson to complete our action plan and make a difference in our school, community and in the world! Our vision is focussed on community and acts of love and good works (Hebrews 10 24:25) and our school rules are centred on the value of love:

    Love yourself;
    Love each other and
    Love the world!

They are really important to us and what we do!

Last year, we achieved the Green Flag Award as part of Eco Schools and we are really proud of this achievement! We also went on to win best new project as part of the Love Northumberland Awards and launched Northumberland County Council’s litter campaign throughout Northumberland.

# We strive together as one (Philippians 1:27).

On our Eco-board (in the hall) you will find: our action plan, eco review, minutes, pictures, results and examples from our curriculum including long term plans.

What have we been up to? (2019 2020)

  • Took part in Northumberland County Council’s litter campaign
  • Leading the Peace Pole Project throughout the North East
  • Helping animals in Australia (knitting)
  • Destiny Streetworx – helping our street friends
  • Working with Alnwick Foodbank