Admissions Procedures

NCEA Warkworth C of E Primary School follows the admissions procedures of Northumberland County Council for primary age pupils in compliance with the School Admissions Code September 2021 issued by the Department for Education.

Please see the Northumberland County Council admissions arrangements handbook for further information.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please contact the school office for an application form or to arrange a visit with Mrs Ritson (Headteacher).

Published Admissions Numbers (PAN) from September 2021

Warkworth C of E Primary School = 25

At NCEA Warkworth C of E Primary School, we have provision for pupils aged from two to eleven. In the Early Years, we have a ‘Two’s Room’ for two-year olds which runs from 12.30 – 3pm each afternoon and a child can be considered for a place following their second birthday.

There is also an Early Years Unit which has places for children aged from 3- 5 years of age. The Nursery runs from 8.50 am until 12.00 and from 12.30 – 3pm and can be accessed on a part time or a full-time basis. Children can apply to come into the EYFS class the term after their third birthday.

EYFS Entitlements

All three and four-year-olds are entitled to free high-quality early education, starting in the term after a child’s third birthday until compulsory school age.

The current free entitlement is 15 hours a week (570 hours a year) for 38 weeks of the year. Starting September 2017, eligible families will be able to claim an additional 15 hours free childcare per week, taking their entitlement to 30 hours free childcare a week for 38 weeks of the year (1140 hours a year).

Parents/carers of two-year-olds who meet a range of criteria are entitled to the same amount of free high-quality early years education or childcare, from the term after a child’s second birthday until the end of the term in which they are three.

To find out more please see the Northumberland County Council Guidance here or call 0800 023 440 for free advice.

In-Term Admissions

For parents / carers wishing to apply for a place at Bishop’s Primary School, NCEA Warkworth C of E Primary School or Duke’s Secondary School outside the normal admissions window, an In-Term Admissions form (Immediate Admissions) can now be completed online via the Northumberland County Council website.